What A Dental Laboratory Does To Produce A Personalized Crown

Posted on: 24 May 2023

Behind every dental crown lies meticulous and skilled work, usually conducted in a dental laboratory. A dental crown lab is one that specializes in the formation of crowns, a popular solution when it comes to the restoration of damaged or missing teeth, these days. Technicians at the dental crown laboratory will fashion the cap that will then fit over your natural tooth or implant. The idea is that it will restore its shape, size, and function.
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Pediatric Dentistry Helps Prevent Dental Problems And Treats Dental Conditions As Needed

Posted on: 14 April 2023

When your baby's first tooth comes through their gums, it's time to think about taking your baby to the dentist. A pediatric dentist is a good choice since they've had additional training beyond general dentistry that focuses on the dental health and development of babies through teens. Here's why good dental care is so important for young kids and the type of care your child's dentist may recommend. Pediatric Dentistry Focuses On Prevention
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How Can A Kid Bruise A Tooth?

Posted on: 9 March 2023

A few bumps and bruises acquired during various games and adventures are all part of being a child. But sometimes those bruises can appear in curious places. If your child suffered an accident that involved blunt force trauma (a hard knock) to their jaw, you would have inspected their teeth for damage. The teeth may have looked unaffected, but a bruised tooth can take a little time to develop. Bruised Pulp
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Do You Need Local Or General Anesthesia For Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Posted on: 30 January 2023

If you need to have some wisdom teeth extracted, you may be curious about what type of anesthetic and sedation you will need. The choice between local, intravenous, and general anesthesia can depend on your health history, your dentist's recommendations, and your preferences. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each method. Local Anesthesia Some people may be surprised to learn that they can have wisdom teeth removed with local anesthesia.
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